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I have been cooking from “The art of nourishing” for 2 years and have purchased 6 more for my family and friends. Every recipe I have made is very tasty and looks exactly like the pictures in the book. I have used Therese’s cookbook more than any other cookbook and I know my confidence in the kitchen has definitely improved. I love all the handy cooking and positive lifestyle tips throughout the book. The salad chapter is spectacular.
Michael Williams


This is an important book for people struggling with distressed children suffering health problems. I can only express my utmost admiration for the Steele family and of course Sam. If Sam hadn’t arrived into Therese and Greg’s world, then this story may never have been told.
Dr Laurence E Budd
Consultant Paediatrician


My child was prone to allergies and asthma and I was worried about him attending school camp. After the camp I realised it was Therese’s style of eating and living that gave my son an allergy free camp. May you enjoy the good health that our family has experienced because of Therese’s diligence and extensive and comprehensive research into food and health.
Donna Smith


Having known Therese and her family for many years I have seen remarkable improvements in their health as they have made dietary modifications. As a naturopath I see so many people, especially children, with health complaints due to underlying intolerances to food. I love the fact that Therese’s recipes are low allergy. I recommend this book to anyone wanting to generally improve their health or introduce a low allergy diet as I am sure you will enjoy her creations as much as I have over the years.
Kathryn Day
ND BHSc Cert 1VTAA Dip
Life coaching NLP practitioner